Guelph Today: "Life is Suite for The Lifers"

We are thankful to our hometown for being so supportive of us. Here's a snippet from the article, and you can read the full article here.

“When you say the word sweet you think of sugary sweet, which is a comforting taste,” said Liv. “Suite, as in a hotel suite, is an example of a place like home. Suite is also a term used for a type of musical composition and was used in Medieval times to describe a group of people that would be there to support the royal family. So we kind of think of this suite of collaborators as being this really solid unit like that.” 

The honey reference has meaning as well. 

“Bees work together to create something nutritious and vital for their lives and provide healthy food for humans too,” said Liv. “Another thing we thought was special about the bee analogy is that a lot of our current efforts with the Lifers have to do with female empowerment and bees are almost all female.”