Rrampt: The Lifers Use Music as a Catalyst For Activism

We are grateful to Rrampt for their continued support of "Tip". They wrote a great article here after an interview with us. It is encouraging and empowering to hear positive responses to this song. Here's an excerpt from the article, and read the full article here.

~ "Aptly titled, Tip is much more than a song. The skillful instrumentals and tightly woven harmonies are true to The Lifers’ style, but it’s the lyrics that compel the listener to dig deep. Rather than hearing gentle metaphors, we are confronted head-on with the stark reality of the state of the earth. “The Global Climate Emergency has gotten to the point where we feel we can’t keep ‘softening’ our message,” stresses Anita. “By speaking directly and frankly, we are signalling that we are not afraid to fight for change, for action.” The imagery in the accompanying video further emphasizes the vulnerability of our planet, and it’s a difficult yet necessary truth." ~