Goodbye Spotify: How to Remove Your Music from Spotify via CD Baby

Hello friends, 

Anita here from The Lifers! As you may or may not know, I work part-time in tech support for a website building company. After Liv and I decided to remove our music from Spotify, I thought it would be helpful to create a resource for other musicians hoping to cancel their digital distribution to Spotify. We distribute our music through CD Baby, so I documented the steps that I took to remove our music from Spotify there. I hope this is helpful for you in making this decision & transition easier and more empowering! 

Here are the steps to remove your music from Spotify from CD Baby: 

1 - Log into your CD Baby account here: and click on “Albums and Singles” next to “Dashboard” 

2 - Click "View/Edit" next to the album or single you want to remove, as seen here: 

3 - Click “Distribution” > “Cancellation Options” 

4 - Select “Cancel from Specific Partners”  

5 - Select “Spotify” (and any other streaming platforms you wish to leave), then click “Submit” > “Yes” 

6 - Done! You will get a "Cancellation Success" notification that looks something like this: 

I do hope this helps you navigate a little easier, and take this step towards a more ethical music industry. There is a LONG way to go still, and I'd love to continue the conversation and skill-sharing as much as we can.


With light,