1. Pull Me Under

From the recording Honey Suite

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Pull Me Under

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from Honey Suite, track released May 16, 2018
Anita Cazzola - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Liv Cazzola - Vocals, Accordion, Saw, Organ
Jillian Sauerteig - Cello
Sam Boer - Percussion
Sam Fitzpatrick - Upright Bass
Braden Phelan - Electric Guitar

Katie Clarke - Trumpet
Andrew Chung - Violin

Produced by Jojo Worthington, David Worthen, Liv and Anita Cazzola Engineered and mixed by David Worthen
Mastered by Sage Kim


Pull me under, darling, back into the lake where we can lay still, sleeping to rushing water sounds until I wake and I am drowned

Lovers who linger in the waking moonlight, opening tenderly limbs, I sing like coyote calls in the dark blue morning with meltwater lungs and the fear of filling - and I’m never leaving home.

Slowly reaching through my fingers, I don’t want to be alone but I’m terrified of swallowing shores. So kiss me as if I were sleeping; be gentle with my body, I don’t want to go

How can I leave this house and home,
How can I leave this house alone