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Rrampt: The Lifers Use Music as a Catalyst For Activism

We are grateful to Rrampt for their continued support of "Tip". They wrote a great article here after an interview with us. It is encouraging and empowering to hear positive responses to this song. Here's an excerpt from the article…

2020: Heart check-in, Climate action, Upcoming shows

Hello dear friends, 

We haven't reached out in a while - we're grateful for the space we've had and are happy to be writing you now! We've been on a journey of self-healing and re-inventing the ways that we are…

Guelph Today: "Life is Suite for The Lifers"

We are thankful to our hometown for being so supportive of us. Here's a snippet from the article, and you can read the full article here.

“When you say the word sweet you think of sugary sweet, which is…


Friends! This is INCREDIBLE!! 
We are SO close to our crowdfunding goal, and so close to being done this record! We're in the studio today doing some final vocal parts and adding some spooky singing saw to one of the…