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Rrampt: The Lifers Use Music as a Catalyst For Activism

We are grateful to Rrampt for their continued support of "Tip". They wrote a great article here after an interview with us. It is encouraging and empowering to hear positive responses to this song. Here's an excerpt from the article…

2020: Heart check-in, Climate action, Upcoming shows

Hello dear friends, 

We haven't reached out in a while - we're grateful for the space we've had and are happy to be writing you now! We've been on a journey of self-healing and re-inventing the ways that we are…

Guelph Today: "Life is Suite for The Lifers"

We are thankful to our hometown for being so supportive of us. Here's a snippet from the article, and you can read the full article here.

“When you say the word sweet you think of sugary sweet, which is…